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-american vote in places like florida where vice president joe biden defted obama ease relationship with israel. >> i'm not going to talk about israel today. but i want to say one thing. i just want to tell you how proud i am, how proud i am to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a guy who has done more for israel's physical security than any president of the eight i've served with. >> reporter: switching gears to court the state's senior citizens, biden said romney's plan to lower taxes would force the nation's elderly to pick up the tab. >> their plan they have for social security, the one they have now, would raise taxes on your social security. >> reporter: romney, who has accused the president of misleading the public on the subject of taxes repeated his pledge on the issue. >> i will not raise taxes on middle income americans. >> reporter: less than one week from his debate with the president, romney is trying to expand the election map boldly predicting twice during his visit to pennsylvania that he can win here. >> you know, i've got a little secret here. and that is that obama campaign thi
society, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> you electrified the place and they all say why do we have this 22nd amendment. why couldn't bill clinton just run again and be president for the next 30 years. >> well, we have it for good reasons. it's a hard job being president, and you also have a vast array of people working for you. it worked i think well. i think we did the right thing to keep president roosevelt for a third time, but when he died shortly after ingurer peoe dn' hisenge hhe n t pass. it's ironhat the22nd amendmt paed at me when ople thoht the democrats haa lo then i was,n after in the last 50 years, the repuanshad oo thillf ei s,year eightears i a rows o rĂ³,eros tse dictators that have been deposed in theastew years ad t weoung dd t sothing go, andy just kind of outstayed their wel. so i love the life i have now. i like helping the president. i like helping my country. mteut ied in tics like what i'm doing. i think on balance, the system we have is better than the no limits. maybe some day, the rules will be changed so if you can serve two years and lay out
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)